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2016-06-23 19:25:04 by Roumd

It's Happening!

I decided to initiate the design process for Dungeon Escape 2! I noticed that there were a lot of improvements to be made from the previous game including but not limited to:

- Seeable crosshair

- Better artwork

- More stable ammo system

- Extensive, and just generally more features.

I've got a grand number of new ideas for this project, as working on other things has helped me to think of new cool ideas for upcomming games. Now that I'm not so busy with college, I'll be able to work on DE2 a lot more! Look forward to it!


Also, I've got another big project I'm working on which will also be hosted on my personal web site...


Stay tuned,




Also, I made new avatar images for Roumd. I've got great plans for this account!


The End of The One Hour Project

2011-02-13 01:07:30 by Roumd

Well. It turned out to be a very unattractive game to play. But. Remember; It was made within One hour. Or so I wished it would've. I did not fulfill the One Hour time due to some coding issues with the player_mc. Fortunately, I figured it out, and I was like: Wow, this game is going to need some sound, and to be actually finished. At the one hour mark, I had a game that was 75% complete, which meant that it was completly unplayable. Therefore, I finished it up. Moreover, I just wanted to use the word moreover.

Death Squares

This is the final logo for this sweet game that has been in development for 0.0166666667 ( Yes I calculated the time and everything.) months. Original work. Man I'm proud of myself.

The End of The One Hour Project

2 / 12 / 11 - The One Hour Project

2011-02-12 23:13:00 by Roumd

I'm giving myself one hour to create a flash game.
That's right: I have sixty minutes to create a flash game.
It will be released to the portal exactly sixty minutes after I post this.

Why am I doing this?

I am challenging myself. Seeing what I can whip out while my mind is fresh on new ideas.

Let's get started!

P.S. I made this picture within six minutes (It doesn't count)

2 / 12 / 11 - The One Hour Project

What is Roumd doing?

2010-07-06 19:50:13 by Roumd

I'm sitting back- behind the stage, studying up on some good old AS3. My goal is to create well-organized, rich flash content: Putting AS3 to it's limits (and my own).

I have several COMPLETED AS3 projects which I'll eventually upload to Newgrounds. I expect most of the viewers of these projects to offer constructive, helpful critisim- which will help me create better projects in the future.

What is Roumd doing?

Happy Easter Everyone!

2010-04-04 21:05:43 by Roumd

Everyone, have a Happy Easter!!

Here, have some eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone!


2010-03-23 18:37:32 by Roumd

Well as it is, Stone King has been delayed.

In other news, I've been browsing Newgrounds qutie a lot in the last 2 weeks. I've decied to start 2 new projects. ( Something i need to stop doing because I can't finish any ones I'm working on right now.)

1. Some new online game: Yes it will be an actual game this time instead of some lame chat room. As far as progress goes, I'm about 20% done with it (for it will be quite a simple game).

2. A Madness Tribute for (Madness) Day 2010: I decided to start working on it now because I want it to be unique.

I still am working on Stone King RPG-the creation time has simply reduced.


Bad News - Stone King RPG: Delayed

2010-02-27 11:11:08 by Roumd

Hello everyone, I'm here with some really bad news!

The release date for Stone King RPG will be postponed until a later time. There is just too much work that still needs to be done, in such little time. I've been quite busy lately and haven't been able to really put in 100% effort towards the creation of Stone King RPG.

There will also be more additions onto the game, which results in the Game Progress being lowered.


Game Progress: 17%

Hello! Just checking in with great news:

I finished the battle-system for Stone King.

Took me about four days total. Quite some stressful parts, but I managed to out-smart those errors.

Time is counting down, its February 10th. Stone King will be released on March 1st, which means I'm going to have to kick into high gear because of the amount of time it took to create the battle-system.

This is a picture of the hero (Ryan) taking on three training dummies. (The first enemy that you have to fight) As the first quest, you are told about the great king, and his major problem, so you are sent to train and get better.

On March 1st, that hero will be you!

Game Progress: 41%

Stone King RPG, Battle-System complete!

Stone King RPG

2010-02-02 20:32:58 by Roumd

I have finally come up with a good story line + game title:

Stone King RPG

So far so good. Stone King is turning out very well. I make sure to give a good hour of work every day, because It will be released on March 1st. Hopefully it will continue to go as smoothly as it has been for the past two weeks.

At the current moment, I'm creating the multi-enemy, turn-based battle system.

Game Progress: 29%

Stone King RPG

New role playing game in progress!

2010-01-25 13:14:10 by Roumd


I'm working on a new role playing game, which is currently untitled, but will for sure have:

- Turn based battles
- 6 different combat skills (strength, focus, evasion, endurance, and stamina)
- A 'Save the King' story line
- Many different kinds of armor, and weapons
- Up to 80 monsters, with 10 bosses, and 20 mini-bosses.
- Level-up system (level cap will be 99)
- Up to 50 exciting quests.
- And much more.

This game is currently under deep construction and will probably be released on March 1st.

Game Progress: 11%

New role playing game in progress!